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“We had recently moved and were daunted by the thought of incorporating our mismatched furniture into our new home while attempting to combine our personal taste with the seemingly incongruous style of the house. Kimba was able to put it all together – beautifully – and in-line with our budget. Kimba has a terrific eye for design and was able to upgrade some of our existing items with new, one-of-a-kind pieces to transform our home into a cohesive, stylish, functional space. Kimba and her team are a pleasure to work with!”

Jennifer K.


“Kimba was referred to me by a close friend and she is not only a fantastic designer, but a great person. She listened to what I wanted and the pieces she put together with her keen eye was beyond my wildest dreams. My house looks like it came straight out of Mad Men (but with a modern flare). I have never been happier in my home before and I can’t recommend Kimba enough. Anyone who wants to redo their house needs to hire this artist who makes interior design look easy (it isn’t).”

Barbara H.


“I had been contemplating a move from Los Angeles to New York City when an extraordinary opportunity presented itself: a 1560 foot square foot loft in the Financial District with three bedrooms and views of the Hudson. There was only one catch ­ I had to nab it immediately, signing a lease four months before I had planned to move.

After a few moments of terror and paralysis, I called Kimba. She and her SpeedDesign team were off and running – and I do mean running. Kimba moves at the speed of light, but makes the process both effortless and fun. In ten minutes, she’d edited 30 years worth of accumulated furniture, art and rugs; somehow everything I deeply loved ended up on a truck to NYC one week later.

Her upholsterers built an extraordinary sectional sofa in a week (a custom-made piece that would have taken any other designer months); the ideal coffee table materialized overnight; the rosewood table we sat around at her store turned out to be the perfect fit for my new dining room; she unearthed one-of-a-kind lamps from a tangle of musty furniture at an auction in Long Beach. Her eye is exceptional, her sense of proportion Euclidian. Working with Kimba is like being a child on Christmas morning: I’d wake up to find furniture miraculously re-arranged, somehow even more perfectly placed than it had been the night before; my old rugs, my art, and furniture gleaming with fresh elegance. A trip to the antique malls of Stamford, Connecticut yielded an SUV crammed with furniture and light fixtures, everything bought for a song.

Kimba and her team take all the anxiety out of the process: they’re respectful of budget and work with such ease and integrity that they immediately earned my complete trust.

When people walk into my space their jaws drop. My teenage daughter, nervous about the move, was in heaven when she saw the results: It’s comfy and cozy and chic and modern and cool and (exactly what I dreamt it would be.) That sums up Kimba’s alchemy: she distills the essence of who you are, adds her own brilliant aesthetic and design choices, and makes your space everything you dreamt it could be and even a little bit more.”

Jan E.


“I can’t say enough good things about Kimba Hills and her staff at Rumba. I was stymied trying to figure out what to do with my blah living room and for literally years I just couldn’t make up my mind how to proceed. A friend recommeded Kimba and her speed design process. I met with Kimba and the team a couple of times, looked through idea books and fabric samples so we could define my likes and dislikes. We talked about my current furniture and flagged the existing items I loved and others I would be happy to see go. Then one day, while I was at work, Kimba and her team came and moved out the old furniture and brought in all new stuff. She kept the few existing pieces I loved, re-hung some of my own Art and brought in a nice big painting for over the new custom made sofa. Voila! A whole new room. Kimba works with all the artisans and does the shopping and just takes care of it all. Many of the “new” pieces of furniture were vintage which kept the price down and also created a lovely eclectic vibe which looks like it evolved over time, rather than having been decorated. It’s been a couple of years now and I still feel wonderful when I walk into my living room. We are currently in the midst of a re-design of my dining area and as before, it has been a real joy working with Kimba and crew. Can’t wait to see my newly re-finished vintage Knoll dining table in place. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Deborah C.


“Kimba has a way of coming into a space and almost by magic making everything work together, adding a few pieces here and there and moving around all the elements to optimize whatever you’ve got. Her SpeedDesign is amazing and the selection of vintage pieces at rumba always surprising and unique. Highly recommended!”

Yasmin T.


“Kimba and her team did a fantastic job decorating my apartment. After looking at the space and getting sense of my basic taste, budget, and specific pieces I was looking for she went to work. Over the next few weeks she sent pictures of a few pieces for me to choose from but within a month she came over with her team and had the whole place redone in a day. Besides changing out a few small pieces everything was perfect and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Awesome experience.”

Dale H.


“Had a fabulous and fun experience when I hired Kimba to do one of her famous quick redesigns. She brought in the perfect pieces, the right small touches, had genius ideas for colors. She is really talented and her staff made the whole experience easy and painless. Her style is bold and modern/mid-century but so very cozy and warm. I was most impressed by how she could combine furniture from different eras into such a perfect combination, how she knew exactly how to pull a room together with a few significant changes.”



“Kimba created a gorgeous environment where there was none in an amazingly short time. She listened to our needs, which amounted to creating an office/living space out of a garage. Everything was taken care of, from top to bottom. And so fast! great fabrics, colors, cool chairs, perfect table..We like better than our house!”

Lauren W.

“Kimba worked wonders with our existing furniture, rugs and art to create cohesion in our slightly chaotic house. She brought in pieces to try out, and we bought the ones that worked the best. It was a great way for us to see new things in our space with minimum effort on our part. Kimba has a sophisticated eye, and has made our full house with three kids look elegant — no small feat! I also really appreciated her sense of humor and relaxed nature, and of course her support staff. I knew what I wanted, I just couldn’t get there on my own. Thanks to Kimba for pulling it all together!”

Grace P.


“I first stumbled into Kimba’s Santa Monica shop shortly after I moved to LA, but too soon for me to appreciate it! Over a year later, I found myself in a new home trying to blend the furniture from our Brooklyn brownstone with various acquisitions and come up with some kind of new vibe.

Lucky for me, I found my way back to Kimba. Her “Speed Design” services transformed an unused sitting room into our new Library. Kimba used pieces we owned in fresh ways and worked in some fabulous new finds like a Knoll coffee table, a gorgeous Hekman desk and she designed a custom wall unit. Our teenage daughter needed to upgrade her PB Teen bedroom into something more sophisticated, and Kimba answered the call with a vintage vanity, groovy swivel chairs, a vintage white lacquer desk that calls out for homework and an original photo of our daughter’s favorite animal — an owl.

And still there’s more — our groovy Thonet dining table and orange leather chairs and Widdicomb nighttables for our bedroom.

I loved Kimba’s taste, her easy demeanor and her whip smart team. She knows her stuff and has no problem working in flea market finds with Eames. Thanks to Kimba, our great house has grown into the home we love.”

Christina N.


“I could not have been more pleased with Kimba’s speed design. Everyone who has seen my house has been amazed at how quickly and affordably she made this my home. The result was exactly what I wanted!”

Rebecca N.


“Working with Kimba and her team was a pleasure. It didn’t take long for Kimba to quickly envision a new plan for our living room and bedroom, using objects we already had but weren’t being leveraged in the best design sense. In just 2 hours, our house was transformed. Much cleaner lines and better flow.”

Julie R.


“I met Kimba at her wonderful store Rumba, I had just moved to Santa Monica from San Diego and my place looked like a furniture warehouse instead of a home. I hired Kimba to use her SpeedDesign service to put my place together, move my furniture around, bring in some new items, hang my art collection, and put objects together that made sense and could tell a story. I cried when she finished the space because she made it my home, I loved it. Kimba is so very talented, and the nicest person you could ever meet.”

Beverly S.


“My husband and I so enjoyed our experience with Kimba. Our initial meeting was fun, painless, we understood each other right away – she really got what we were after with our home. I received several emails from her team before her visit asking if I liked the track they were on in collecting things for my home. I LOVED everything. The day of was effortless. I was able to leave the home and come back to a huge “reveal”, complete with happy tears of joy at how awesome and beautiful my home looked! My husband had the same response when he arrived home later that day. Kimba came back a few days later to finish hanging pictures, stage bookshelves and generally make it feel “finished”. When all was said and done, we were so proud of our home, which felt new and comfortable, but also sassy and full of character. Kimba really got what we needed.She made it clear that we were not confined to any of the choices – -all things could be changed.The truth was, it was perfect! Also, we had much of what we needed already. Her few suggestions on purchases were great and affordable and really completed the look we were going for. But, also the way she used what we already had was just so cool to see. Things that had stumped me for months came together in a fresh and interesting way that I would have never thought of on my own. What a great joy to have something that felt like such a big, overwhelming project go so smoothly and with so little effort from us. In the course of 1 week my house went from frumpy to fabulous. Our friends can’t get over it either. All who have come over since have raved about how “right” the house feels now, an awesome compliment to the whole process. It also inspired us to work on the other parts of our house, like the dreaded garage – to make them as beautiful as everything else. Now we rush home from the end of our days to be in our beautiful home. Thanks so much Kimba and your awesome team:) We LOVE our home.”

Liz and James Ko


“I loved working with Kimba Hills from Rumba! Kimba has fantastic style and great taste!! Besides being incredibly talented, she is fun to work with. …warm, flexible, easy going, inspired and interesting, And her staff is terrific. Kim and Rebecca are equally talented and warm….they all work together very well…its’ like a family (a family with fabulous taste and talent!

Kimba’s “Speed Design” process was just what the doctor ordered for me. When it comes to design and purchasing decisions , I am a bit of an indecisive commitment phobe, so working with Kimba and speed design was perfect. I loved that I was able to keep furniture and art for a week or two and live with it in my space before making a final commitment. For me, that was extremely helpful . Kimba continued to work with me, and move things around until we got it right. What a gift!”

Laurie G.

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